Score Reporting

For ALL divisions in the Central League, the HOME team is required to post the game score into Demosphere.

To Enter Scores Into Demosphere

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Club Directory
  3. Click on your club name
  4. Click on your club team
  5. Click on Team Log In (upper right corner)
  6. Enter email address plus pin # (if you have not logged in before, click on the link to have your pin # sent to your email- below login)
  • NOTE- your CLUB ADMINISTRATOR must have you set up with admin access or you will not be able to make changes (i.e. the ADMIN box must be checked by your CLUB ADMINISTRATOR in order for you to have admin rights for a team)
  1. Click on Team Score Reporting: Home Games
  2. Enter Home Team and Away Team scores, click save