Secondary Player Procedure

Secondary Player Procedure

All players must be registered with EPYSA, either primary or secondary players.



1) Central League Soccer does NOT permit Guest Players in any situation.


2) Central League Soccer DOES use the Club Pass rule- this rule is that any age appropriate player that is primarily rostered within a Central League club may play for ANY age appropriate team within that club.  For a given game, simply write that player's information onto the game day roster that is presented to the match officials.


To add a secondary player to your team’s roster please do the following:

#1- Contact the CLS Executive Committee (at stating the your team would like to add a secondary player for the Fall/Spring season.


#2- Include the following information:

-Name of player being added

-Player’s Primary Club and Team Name

-Player’s Secondary Club and Team Name

-Reason for adding this player to your team’s roster as secondary player


#3- If the Primary Club is a member of CLS, also include the following:

-Email or other written communication from Player’s Primary Club approving addition to your team as secondary player. This MUST be from Primary Club’s President/DOC/Travel Director, NOT the Coach.


#4- After all of this information has been reviewed, the CLS Executive Committee will approve or deny this roster change